The Crosslander comes delivered as a complete package offering standard inclusions that many offer as extras to upsell you once they have enticed you with a bare bones price. Quite often these don't include such basics as a kitchen, water tanks, gas holders and new tyres let alone such things as a battery,12 volt accessory plugs prewired, alloy wheels, full annexes and flooring all of which come standard with Crosslander.

Standard Features:

  • 2 x off ground double beds
  • 3 minute overnight setup with patented easy up system
  • Fixed off ground seating for 4 with fixed table
  • Carpeted seating area
  • 9 windows for superior air flow
  • Midge proof netting on all windows
  • Full flexible annexe - each wall can be individually added or removed depending on wind and sun direction etc
  • Flooring for annexe
  • Heavy duty zippers on all walls and windows
  • Slide out pantry
  • Unique kitchen offering masses of storage
  • Large front mounted storage box
  • 5 x pre-wired 12 volt accessory plugs
  • Pre-wired Anderson plug
  • Large 10" Jockey wheel
  • Drop down stabiliser legs
  • Off-road poly hitch
  • 3 x 16" alloy wheels and new A/T tyres
  • Custom stone guard
  • 59litre poly water tank
  • 2 x 5kg gas bottle holders
  • 2 x jerry can holders
  • 2 x recovery points on trailer


  • Tare weight: 660kg
  • ATM: 1400kg
  • Finish: automotive
  • Axle: 40mm square beam rated to 2000kg
  • Suspension: 7 leaf suspension - greasableeye to eye military style rebound springs

Price: $13,900


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